Roscoe E Wallace

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        As an Illinois native, I have been painting since 1964.  I studied art at the Dayton Art Institute and studied painting with several nationally known artists in workshop situations.  For lack of a better title, I consider myself an abstract impressionist and pride myself in versatility in subject, style and technique.  My images may be representational, impressionistic or abstract depending on the subject, my goal and painting plan.  Photographic likeness is left to the camera and I only use my photographs for subject references.  Acrylic is my favorite media.  I try to retain an emotional approach in preference to a technical approach and stress simplicity, spontaneity, creative design and color.  I like to include texture and leave brush strokes because I believe they are signs of a painterly approach.  My paintings have received numerous awards and have been exhibited in galleries as well as many one-man shows.

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